Jon Weber…A New York Yankee Hero Not Quite Good Enough?

“The Adventure you’re ready for is the one you get. Life is short. Go for it.” – Joseph Campbell.

Jon Weber led the world champion New York Yankees in batting average this spring training. In spite of dude’s metronome consistency, he’s still being sent down to the Yankees’ minor league AAA farm club.

The New York Times wrote an article about Mr. Weber today entitled A .483 Batting Average? Not Quite Good Enough. I admire this guy because he’s 32, has never tasted even a cup of coffee in a real major league game & has a family to support. Yet, he is so passionate about his journey that he teared up while discussing this latest disappointment – and is still going to keep trying.

Life is short and Weber, like an old reliable Timex watch, is gonna’ keep on tickin’. The lesson I think we as artist can learn from Jon Weber is that perseverance counts for everything in this life. We all have our adventure and NOTHING precludes us from going for our dreams. Weber has every excuse in the book to quit and go coach somewhere – he’s old by baseball standards, is a left-handed hitter with a franchise in need of righties and, is battling the perception of being a minor league lifer. Whatever – he persists!

It’s his adventure, his journey, and he is living it. I bet most of us would like to be overnight successes (whatever individual definitions of success may be) like the knighted Yankee Derek Jeter , but few of us are. So we have to accept our adventure and go for it. Be free 2 dream and pursue yo!

Maybe the Times article should have read A .483 Batting Average? Not Quite Good Enough? Notice the question mark AFTER ENOUGH?.

Spiritually, Jon Weber is PLENTY good enuf. It would be great to see him called up, appear as a pinch hitter in the World Series, and win a game with one life-changing hit. But if we don’t ever see this day come true, there is victory in how he lives his life. There is victory for all of us.

Peace, Love & Light – Todd
the funky one yo!

p.s. – shout out to my dawg Frank at the NeedMoreLight music blog for the Joseph Campbell quote. Check his blog – it’s real!

p.s. II – Minor League outfielder Jon Weber won the Yankees’ 2010 James P. Dawson Award, presented annually to the team’s most outstanding rookie in Spring Training.


A-Rod & the Fine Art of Hypocrisy

Wealthy Dude – “I’ll give you ONE MILLION DOLLARS to sleep with your wife

Average Dude’s Response – “Is that BEFORE or AFTER taxes?

Why A-Fraud…1 Out of 104

A-Rod is the perfect foil here,  carrying more drama than Britney Spears and Wacko Jacko combined.  C’mon now – you’re makin’ that kinda’ loot and of ALL THE WOMEN in the WORLD, you choose the 50 year old pop star runnin’ around singing “Like A Virgin“.  OK!

This ‘logic’ is about right in line with Britney choosing an unemployed no career havin’  dude with two kids and M-Jax choosing kids in general (oops, allegedly).  Plus gotta’ add in A-Rod’s rather bizarre on-the-field antics and the Jeter infatuation.  Think you get the picture here.  

The Art of Hypocrisy

But all this aside, if somebody said to any of us  “Here’s more loot than you can imagine to perform your job”, wouldn’t you at least consider shootin’ yourself in the ass or suckin’ down a few pills to keep that scrilla and admiration?  Dollars to donuts many of us would be livin’ that U.S. Army slogan – be all you can be!  Just please sterilize the needle first.

We’re all sinners and rare is the saint.  The battle is keeping that life pendulum from swinging too widely.  A-Rod lost his way – let the pressure of money get up in his soul.  Let’s hope he finds his center as this could happen to any of us (it’s happening to a lot of CEOs yo!).  While hardly endorsing his behavior, shame on those who harshly judge him.  I’d love to see their closets!

Our world is in need of spiritual cleansing!  But honestly, do I care about ‘roids & A-Rod?  Not much – it’s all enterainment and not sports.  Hey – a walking steroid is Gov. of California now!


And, who cares if A-Rod has SNS (shrunken nut syndrome)?  Only Madonna knows for sure anyway!

p.s. -shout out to my bro’ for the opening lines.   shout out to James for hypocrisy and admiration!