Back in the Saddle Again…Getting Creative Juices 2 Flow After Some Time Off

I usually am not a big fan of abstract art, but while searching around for inspiration, came across the blog of abstract artist Lynn Taetzsch. I really like her art. It’s very colorful and lyrical. In her blog, she has nice philosophies to share too. About getting back in rhythm after time off, she said:

I try to stay as relaxed as possible, letting the lines flow, but the beginnings still feel awkward. Once I’ve got something started, then I can intuitively develop the colors, shapes, lines and composition.

This is SO accurate about all creative endeavors. The beginnings often seem a bit rough and awkward.

Opposites attract right? The self-imposed pressure of creating at a specific time after a long break versus trying to relax and let go while in the pressurized state of creativity. This is like getting Godzilla to befriend Mothra yo!

Sometimes, with our busy schedules, the hardest part is finding time to start creating after a break. The trick is relaxing and letting go. So as Taetzsch said – let’s relax, let go and create a friendship between Godzilla and Mothra (okay – I said that part ha, ha)!

Peace – Art of Todd, the funky Sea Cliff, Long Island African-American Artist!


My 15 Minutes Today…Sex, Art, Music & Practice

Contemplation  ©ArtofTodd.comIn follow up to the blog post by Alyson Stanfield on painting 15 minutes a day to stay connected with one’s art, I had to follow her instruction and my agreement with her advice.

So, I spent 15 minutes painting yesterday (no, I won’t bore you by sharing creativity everyday!) and I feel waaaayyyy more spiritually connected to my art than waiting for that big 4 – 6 hour stretch to create (which is so difficult to come by & which I’ve been doing). Kinda’ like how I make every effort to do 15 minutes of yoga each day. 15 minutes will most certainly help me in morphing to bigger pieces.

Oil pastels are a little more time consuming for me than acrylic, but this is a great start. Gotta’ hit the skins some today as well.

Enjoy! Thanks Ms. Stanfield!

Peace – Todd B., the funky Long Island Artist yo!

The point of the 15 minutes is not to try to create a masterpiece within that short time frame. The point is to stay connected with your art every day. This connection will feed you. It will make you a happier person and a less frustrated artist. – Alyson Stanfield


One Drop of Water…the Art of Saving the World Ripple Effect Style!

One Drop Creating the Ripple Effect!
Visited Montreal recently and ‘dove’ into AQUA, (The Journey into the World of Water), a fascinatingly sober (by American standards) multi-sensory experience at the Montreal Science Centre. Based on this experience and other readings, I imagine water may be the resource wars are fought over one day too soon.

Every Eight Seconds A Child Dies For Lack of Drinking Water

Save the worldAQUA was eye-opening. In America, we take so much for granted…clean water for flushing toilets, showering, brushing our teeth, washing clothes, producing goods, etc. Water flows like…WATER here. Other places around the world, it’s a source of poverty, sickness and death.

But rarely do we EVER consider how many worldwide are forced to survive on less clean water per day than we use to brush our teeth. CRAZY YO! So many things in life to worry about…but this is HUGE!!

I’m Starting with the Man in the Mirror…

Man in the Mirror -  www.bernicesteinbaumgallery.comTo paraphrase Michael Jackson’s ‘Man in the Mirror’ – we have to change our ways. Me, I’ve committed to keeping waterways clean and cutting back on water consumption. No fertilizer this year on the lawn. Granted, the weeds are in full effect…but no runoff in the Harbor! And, no more bottled water at home. And I’m slowly migrating over to environmentally friendly hygiene and cleansing products. Oh, and using both sides of the paper when I’m printing. Baby steps yes, but think of the ripple created by all of us doing just one thing!

One Drop 2 Save the World

Guy - One DropGuy Laliberté, founder of Cirque du Soleil and the One Drop Foundation – is soon to become Canada’s first private space explorer and the first person at the International Space Station to perform a Poetic Social Mission in Space. The purpose of his mission is dedicated to making an impact on how water, our most precious resource, is protected and shared. He’ll convey info. on our world’s water related issues using a singular poetic approach. Should be very interesting to say the least! All this to say – peep out his site….follow his mission…join in saving the world.

Make that change! Water for all, all for water yo! Join me in saving the world one drop at a time

Peace & Love,

aka – the funky Nassau (Long Island, New York) Artist

p.s. – much like love, art is expressed in many ways…thanks to Siedah Garrett, Glen Ballard and Michael Jackson for “Man in the Mirror” and to the Bernice Steinbaum Gallery for the “Man in the Mirror” sculpture picture!


Funky Original Art Prints & the Art of Video!

Press PLAY and don’t delay

Geez…slight oversight on my part! How could I 4get to post my promo video featuring a cut by the incredible Dj Morphiziz (Are You Lovin’ It). The blimp is straight representin’ my hometown Akron, Ohio yo! I’m livin’ the Akron Art scene vicariously! Straight NY but midwestern at heart
Sea Cliff Arts Council group shot

Recently participated in the Sea Cliff Arts Council Summertime in Sea Cliff group show with my new work entitled Sun, Shade, Heart. It’s a charcoal joint illustrating a day at the beach. Okay, I know…charcoal and the beach…a little odd! But, charcoal was the flow I was feeling & who says artists aren’t odd. There were some incredible artists at the show and really enjoyed their work. Creating for shows keeps my chops fresh.

sun, shade, heart - copyright
Have music shows coming up on August 9 and 16th (at the beach). Got Woodstock in my cross hairs too. So looking forward. Plan to have this new song about my love 4 Manhattan worked out!

Practicing Peace as the Long Island Artist – The Black artist painting about the universal experience (aka ArtofTodd)

p.s. – thanks to Kathleen DiResta for the photos!

Glenwood Arts Gala Opening…Bringing the Funkiest Art to Long Island, New York

Hey Yo! What a thrill. Was blessed to participate in the Glenwood Arts Gala Opening on May 9, 2009. *The debut of this gallery space was amazingly well run, well attended, and off the chain creative (tip of the hat to CEO Greg Sturges and curator Jason Paradis)!

Check out the opening video (yup – that’s me!) –

At the gala, there were some very talented Long Island artists displaying their art. Jason did a wonderful job of selecting and hanging the art.

regina_ress_1The lost art of storytelling was brought back to the present by the extraordinary Regina Ress who weaved incredible tales of emotional complexity out of everyday NYC Village life. The fact that she conveyed her stories in the sanctuary of the church made this an even more intimate experience for all. And, she even changed the title of my song Someday to Someday (This Gift of Life) after listening to me play outside the gala. Thanks Regina! Rappers ain’t got nothin’ on you!

Also featured was the Aeros Quintet, who played some lively, inspired classical and traditional songs from the sanctuary. And, we watched a HILARIOUS short film starring Mary Louise Parker called The Quality of Mercy, by award-winning director Stephen Marro. You never know what to expect with short films, but this one was well directed, acted and generated a ton of laughs from the audience.

The next show is scheduled for June 6th at 8:00 PM in the gallery space. Check it out…the art is as good as any and the vibe is pure creativity. Feel free to donate too.

(This version features a little live music by yours truly! That’s CEO Greg Sturges in the white cap)

I close with this quote from Glen “Big Baby” Davis of the Boston Celtics. Glen "Big Baby" DavisI was trying to write some new music on the beach this past Saturday morning and couldn’t find my flow. Then I remembered this!

“You have to be focused…and basically think without thinking and just shoot it,” Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis (Boston Celtics) said. “Every time I shoot I see myself making game-winning shots. If you see it, you believe it. You shoot millions of shots like that, and every time you shoot it you believe you’re going to make it. And when I shot it, I didn’t even hesitate. It was just a feel.

Feel, be, be in the moment…

Peace – Todd

*Okay, I’m a little biased as that’s one of my works featured on the opening poster (Sax Player) and, a new work I created was featured as well in the show (oh, and I played a few tunes too). BUT… outside of all of that :-)…it was a GREAT show yo!

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