There is Always Something New 2 Learn in Art

Came across the most interesting blog post entitled Painting Like the Old Masters by an artist blogger named Byrne Smith.

The hippest concept about his post is the following:
The point is, as you’ve heard me say before, there is always something new to learn in art.

Daddy!!!  I'm BORREEEDDDD!!!How many times are we artists like five year old children sitting on the play mat on a Sunday afternoon? I’M BORED DADDY!
Well, Mr. Byrne says it doesn’t have to be that way at all. He has been working with watercolors lately and writes about challenging himself to learn more about the muted colors used by Old Masters such as Leonardo Da Vinci. Specifically, his palette and techniques. Deep!

Me, I recently experimented with a Picasso-like technique using acrylics on a canvas painted with Aluminum Krylon metal paint – taking me far away from my oil pastel comfort zone.

Musically, I am experimenting with alternate tunings on my back-up guitar, screwed up the tunings on one string, and created my own tuning (I guess). Then using the Miles Davis technique of play it first and tell you what it is later, wrote a beautiful song entitled Bread on the Soup Line. Looking forward to debuting this one when I play Valentine’s Eve at The Hideaway in Glen Cove, NY.

We are artists! We should never feel trapped creatively. Thanks Mr. Smith for the instruction and confirmation.

Peace – Todd


sshhh…Artists at Work – New York New Media Meetup Innovators

Attended the New York New Media Meetup Innovators meeting last night.  Very chilled kind of affair.  Met some really interesting folks who truly represent the Digirati of global social media.  In spite of all the rather depressing news out here – impending layoffs, folks out of work, folks looking for work, folks out of work looking to party up…spirits were high overall. My lesson from the evening – digital new media (Web 24.0 yo?) is thriving, moving forward, and VERY MUCH ALIVE!  

Specific lessons learned during the evening –

  • I like free champagne!
  • Blog baby, blog (thanks Sarah Palin…anybody remember her?) 
  • Know that even in a downturn- we media mavens and artists, with a trusty laptop and internet connection, can still shake up the world.  We are the information revolution!
  • Give to give (which has always been my philosophy).  Social networking LIVES!
Thanks to David Gusick & Hubert Lee for organizing.  In spite of the global downturn, we gotta’ keep our heads up to paraphrase my man Tupac!


p.s. – I’ve been using the Phillips Sonicare Toothbrush the past week.  Do really clean teeth help the creative process?  We shall see…not unless I stain the chompers with my oil pastels while painting… 

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The Art of Change, Personal Revolution & Hope for the Flowers!

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself    

Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol


These boyz could create!
These boyz could create!


Well, well, well…change can be swift!  i received my first unsolicited blog comment today and gotta’ say – I am pretty excited!  A kindred spirit named Alinde O’Malley thanked me for mentioning Trina Paulus’ book Hope for the Flowers.  Well I thank Ms. O’Malley for taking time to read my blog, comment and share!  I thank Ms. Paulus for writing such an incredibly uplifting, spiritual book.

Change (in a MAJOR way) came this week in the form of President Obama being sworn in.  Growing up for many, this was truly unfathomable…but the table was set years ago by Rev. Jessie Jackson.  In spite of people’s opinion of Jessie and his recent public faux pas, he did his thing with his Rainbow run in the 80’s and was omnipresent during the Civil Rights movement.  Props to Shirley Chisholm too!  Just shoutin’ out!Obama as President, while not solving all the world’s ills, does give us hope…and hope and faith (along with a dose of elbow grease) is the most we can ask!  Hope is not a quantifiable thang…can’t buy it, can’t put a finger on it, can’t taste it, can’t smell it…but ya’ know when u got it.

So, change is my theme and this is my year of positive change (probably best evidenced by news I recently received saying – ‘hey pal, you might be layed off!’ Lemons to lemonade yo!).  I just wrote this song entitled ‘Revolution‘. Debuted it on my acoustic guitar two nights ago playing a solo gig.  Still flushing it out but it definitely moved the crowd. I’m really excited ’bout the lyrics and hope u enjoy.

(verse 1)

people, needin’ people
so many needy, always feedin’ the greedy yo
enuf to feed the world, a loaf of bread some bbq chips
but i can’t conceive, eatin’ off my crumb filled dish
gotta’ be, gotta’ be, gotta’ be a revolution
movin’ like a hurricane, ‘cross the ocean in the dark
today gonna’ rise up start a revolution
eye of the hurricane, brewin’ in my heart
(verse 2)
u don’t, have to take it
born into this fire, though u didn’t make it yo
plans and scams of a greedy man, make u stoop instead of stand
so release yourself, your God’s got a better plan, for u
wake up, wake up, rise up, rise up
fist up, fist up , punch it through the sky
rise up, rise up, stand up, stand up
throw your fist up, punch it through the sky
everyday, everyday sippin’ gin and juice
’cause the world is makin’ u crazy, cry a bottle of colic like a baby
all alone in your crib screaming save me
green eggs and ham, like sam i am, want something real, world tastes like spam
i gotta’ open up my eyes, open up my eyes, open up my eyes
copyright – artoftodd 2009


Well, i gotta’ run.  My mission is to paint one joint per week (fulfill my destiny as a friend  so positively put it!) – so off to the art table and the oil pastels! Peace yo…spread luv like butta’ on toast…stay creative – Todd the Artist


Hope u feel my motivation!
Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me – Carol Burnett

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